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Telluride HS Boys Lacrosse is a Varsity sport.  Playing time is not guaranteed for anyone.  Although it is our goal to utilize every player, the guys who are prepared and make a commitment to be here will certainly get more attention than those who do not.  Beyond that, talk with your Coaches about how you can improve and gain a larger role on the team if that is something that you want to work towards.  Otherwise, all upandcoming players will get their chance to hone their skills at JV games.

Our regular season is very short.  We expect you to make a commitment to be at every team game, practice and function.  If you cannot make it to something or are going to be late it is your responsibility to notify a Coach beforehand.  On time means early and ready to go.  In the event that you are sick, attending practice depends on whether or not you were in school that day.  If you were not in school you cannot practice anyway by school and CHSAA rules.  If you were in school and were sick then you need to attend practice but not necessarily suit up.  Unfortunately many other sports overlap with the lacrosse season.  You need to make the effort to attend every lacrosse practice that scheduling allows.  Schoolwork always comes first but it is your responsibility to make sure that your work is done outside of practice and playing time.  Keep your grades up as you cannot play lacrosse if you are on academic probation.  We understand that you have other priorities but as a member of this team you need to fulfill your lacrosse obligations as well.  Parent or school disciplinary action is obviously not an excuse for being late or missing practice.  We will make up the time missed.  We cannot move forward if you are not here and here on time.  We work hard.  Don't let your guys down.

We expect you to look out for one another.  You are more than a team, you are a Tribe.  Take pride in the hard work you put in and the accomplishments you achieve together.  You need to keep each other out of trouble and in the right direction.  On and off the field you will rely on each other.  Trust is important.  Earn that trust.

Winning is the bi-product of preparation and our commitment to making each other better.  There is no way to have more fun playing lacrosse than to WIN.

Telluride HS Boys Lacrosse expects every player to make a commitment to the season.  That means being prepared for the season before the season begins and attending every lacrosse practice, game and function on time.  This
commitment is a commitment to your fellow players.

- THS Boys Lax Coaching Staff